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Thank you for your interest in our research on lucid dreaming!

We have developed a smartphone app for android phones, and you are welcome to try it out. Please note that our work is evolving and we may make updates as the research progresses. The app is called lucid -- click here to download it at google play.

Please read instructions carefully! If you have questions or comments for our team, email:
Sorry, it's not for iPhones (yet).

Key Reminders:

  • Make sure your phone is plugged in overnight, with all notifications turned off.
  • Try to go to sleep at roughly the same time each night (good sleep hygiene).


  • A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware of dreaming while still asleep.
  • When you are awake, being lucid means you are thinking carefully about your experiences in the present moment.
  • This app can help you practice lucidity and then promote lucidity during sleep to trigger lucid dreaming.
  • We wrote the app to be used for 7 nights, but you can continue longer if you like, or stop anytime.


  • First, please follow app instructions for surveys and dream questions.
    • 1st night includes sleep habits survey.
    • 7th night includes additional questions.

  • When ready, complete short training as you fall asleep (you can adjust volume if too loud).
  • Overnight, leave phone face-down on bed near pillow (or under pillow if you prefer sounds to not disturb others).

  • About 6 hours later, the app will present sounds very softly.
    • If you wake up, answer questions about lucid dream experiences,
      and if you don't remember any dreams, enter none or the like.
    • After you answer the questions, you'll be offered these 2 options:
            (a) go to sleep (so the app can try to help you have a lucid dream when you are asleep again);
            (b) wake up for the day / turn off the app.


  • In normal mode, app will probably wake you up at some points, hopefully so you can report a lucid dream and not forget what you were dreaming about.
  • The app has a chill mode that is less active, but also less likely to give you a lucid dream -- use this is you want sounds presented less often and more softly.