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The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University is devoted to the study of human cognition and the brain.

People may apply to participate in brain wave experiments as described below. In all experiments, we ask that participants bring their eyeglasses if they wear contact lenses or glasses. Our current rate of pay is $12.50/hour for brain wave experiments.

Participants are asked to sit in a comfortable reclining chair in a sound-proof chamber. There is an intercom system to provide communication with the experimenter. Visual and auditory cues are presented by computer, and the participant is asked to respond by pressing buttons according to specific instuctions.

Participants have recording sensors temporarily placed on their head in a procedure similar that used in electroencephalography (EEG). We use an elastic cap, much like a swimming cap, which contains small circular sensors. Conductive gel is inserted into the sensors to connect them to the scalp. The procedure is noninvasive and painless. The gel is water-soluble, non-toxic, and similar to petroleum-based hair gel, and it is easily washed out of the hair. The entire experiment typically lasts 2-3 hours. Further details particular to each experiment are given at the time of the experiment.

To apply to participate in experiments, please CLICK HERE

or send e-mail to Susan at or call 847/491-7725

Need directions? Click here.

Northwestern students who wish to pursue hands-on research experience in the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (i.e., independent study or honors projects, 399, 398, 397), should first take one or more of the following courses:

Psychology 361: Brain Damage and the Mind
Psychology 368: Human Memory
Psychology 363: Images of Cognition
Psychology 364: Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive Science 210: Language and the Brain
or other related courses.